We Walk Houston is a companion site of Houston Running Calendar. Keep in mind that many (if not most) running events also welcome walkers, so check HRC for many other events that are not listed on We Walk Houston. (Events are not duplicated across both websites.)

Simply, this is a list of walk events where no participants are expected to be running.

Readers, your help with this project is welcomed. If you know of a walk event that would benefit from a little more publicity, send email to and tell us:

  • Name of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Geographic area of town or known landmark where the event takes place
  • Benefit charity or cause, if it's not obvious from the event name
  • Website URL where readers can learn more or sign up

Listing will be done at our discretion, but here are the main restrictions:

  • No parades -- This list focuses on walk events where the overwhelming majority of attendees are participating, not spectating.
  • No political marches -- If an event raises money for a cause (other than putting on the event itself) the cause should be a charity that is classified as non-profit and non-political.
  • Keep it local -- Events on this list will be happening within a 50-mile radius of downtown Houston.
A listing here is not necessarily an endorsement of any specific event or of the benefit charity by me, and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of information presented on the websites linked.

Thanks for visiting!

Vincent Aurelio